Don’t just hope for the best, plan for it!



Don’t just hope for the best, plan for it!  With the excitement of securing an interview there is plenty to research and rehearse, making it easy to forget a strong closing statement. First impressions carry a lot of weight and are often accompanied by nervousness; yet, it is last impressions that are often the missed opportunity. Planning for the wrap up portion of the interview will ensure nothing is left unsaid. Closing with confidence does not always come natural, so this is not the place to simply hope for the best. Prepare to make the most of those last moments together with these key points.

Interviews go both ways, so give some thought to what you would like to learn about the employer and their style of management with domestic staff. Asking thoughtful questions will demonstrate active listening and reaffirm interest. Don’t forget, an interview is your opportunity to ensure the employer is a good fit for you. Too often, candidates forget to interview the employer and sometimes find themselves in an unhappy work environment shortly after accepting the role. Save yourself the time and hassle of looking for another position and make sure the employer is worthy of your time.

Remind the interviewers why they originally saw potential in your resume! Be clear about what would be gained by working together and show a little tenacity by explaining past triumphs. Focus on success stories that illustrate your personal strengths, skills and attributes. This is not the time to be shy, make an effort to restate qualifications and mention anything that was not highlighted during the conversation. Take control over what they remember and leave a lasting impression.

As the conversation wraps up, be sure to ask where they’re at in their recruitment process and what to expect as far as next steps. Understanding how many other candidates are in the mix and how many rounds of interviews are ahead, will allow you to time your follow up appropriately. This is also a great moment to offer any additional information that will increase the odds of standing out. Be sure they have an accurate list of references and perhaps offer to share a portfolio or any applicable certificates.  

It never hurts to send a quick thank-you email, keeping your name fresh in their minds and contact details in their inbox. A short note to thank them for their time and consideration, also offers a chance to attach any additional documents (portfolio or certificates) that are relevant. Also, if they mentioned that the second round of interviews would be taking place by the middle of the month - definitely reach out at that time! Being diligent and showing genuine interest will keep the lines of communication open.

Most importantly, do not halt your search for the perfect job! One of the largest missteps is losing momentum after just one interview and putting all your eggs in one basket. Until there’s a solid offer on the table, it’s wise to stay open minded and explore all leads. Keeping a few irons in the fire will not only build confidence but will also allow for choice when selecting the best placement. This is a very agile position to be in when negotiating compensation and will ensure alignment with one’s future goals.

Date : 2021-02-11