Why hiring a professional recruiter is a good idea.

15 reasons to use a recruiter to help you hire staff

Why hiring a professional recruiter is a good idea.
  1. Recruitment helps saves you time and money. We spend the time finding the right employee so that you can use your time doing the things that are meaningful to you. By the time you decide you need an employee you are usually losing money because of lost productivity. Let the professionals at Luxe Staff do the hard work here so that you can do what you need to do elsewhere.
  2. Luxe Staff takes the screening of our applicants VERY seriously. We conduct preliminary interviews, criminal record checks, credit checks, reference checks and more (all on request by the employer). We make sure the people you see in our candidate profiles are actual professionals in their field. 
  3. Recruitment firms know how to anticipate the needs of employers, sometimes even before the employers know what they need themselves. It is common for our clients to come to the realization that the staff member they have been wanting has a different title and a different job description than they originally imagined.
  4. Agencies like Luxe Staff attract some of the top potential employees in the world. Our database is packed with amazingly talented people from all parts of the globe. Additionally, we have access to people who may not currently be looking for a new position.  Passive or inactive job seekers are often the best suited to our open positions and are often open to change.
  5. Recruiters can help employers stay focused on finding their employee now. Finding an employee can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Many of our clients have considered finding, or have tried finding, a new employee for a long time before committing to using our services. Save yourself the hassle by working with us from the beginning.
  6. Recruitment companies have expertise in "seeing through the smoke screen". We have interviewed and spoken with thousands of clients and applicants over the years. By doing this, we have developed an unparalleled ability to see potential employees for who they are, beyond their resume and experience.
  7. Luxe Staff can speed up the time it'll take the average person to find an employee. Filling empty positions can be extremely time consuming and daunting. Our database, extensive advertisement, positive word of mouth, and network connections are extremely important to our success rate.
  8. Recruitment companies are usually only paid when they produce results. This means that if we don't produce results, we don't get paid. We are focused on finding the best candidates to put forward so that you are pleased with our service and hire one of our candidates. Your satisfaction is always our top priority. 
  9. Luxe Staff provides the safest and most secure way to find applicants for positions you are looking to fill. We keep your information confidential and your privacy is of extreme importance. We will not disclose anything about you without your consent.
  10. Luxe Staff members have experience working with ultra high net worth individuals, politicians, celebrities, business owners, royalty, and socialites. You don't have to worry about our staff acting like "fans" or becoming "star struck". We have a job to do and that is our focus.
  11. Our recruitment advisors can provide vital information about the current job market, about the number of applicants looking for that specific type of job, about salaries or how much experience or education is required to fulfill your needs.
  12. We can help you negotiate salary and terms of employment for your new employee. 
  13. We will build a relationship with you so that finding staff becomes easier in the future. Whether you need 1 employee or 15 employees, we do our best to match our clients and our candidates by their needs, skills, and personality. We understand how important home is, and we want you to be comfortable having your employee around.
  14. Staffing agencies know how to describe and define the position that needs to be filled. We can put your thoughts on paper in a way that clearly outlines your needs and expectations. 
  15. Although we specialize in serving the domestic network, we are ready, willing, and able to help you fill open positions in your businesses as well.


Date : 2018-07-05
Source : LuxeStaff.com