Empathic Communication

Enhancing the employer/employee relationship through active listening.

Empathic Communication

Looking for ways to improve your employee-employer working relationship? Have you ever found yourself feeling frustrated with an employee who just couldn’t seem to understand your needs? Ever felt unsure about your employers’ expectations?

Here at Luxe Staff, finding candidates who are skilled in the art of understanding your household’s needs is our top priority. One of the things that we look out for – and you can too! – is someone who practices active empathic listening.

Active empathic listening, or active listening, is a style of communication in which we listen to learn and listen to understand. This active, intentional process which involves three important steps:

  1. Hear
    1. Hearing is anything but a passive act. To really hear what someone is saying, it’s important to focus your energy directly on the other person. This requires blocking out external stimuli as much as possible while maintaining eye-contact and an open body language. This tip will get you far in an interviewing scenario.
  2. Comprehend
    1. There is little place for judgment in the working world – especially from an employee working in another person’s home. Consciously suspending judgment and approaching every interaction as a student will ensure that the other person feels respected and validated.
  3. Respond
    1. Not sure you’ve understood what your employer has asked you for? Try paraphrasing what’s just been said, to give them the opportunity to clear up any confusion. Never be afraid to ask questions. Requesting clarification is a sure-fire way to guarantee that you’re meeting the needs of your employer and maintaining their trust in your capabilities. Ensuring that there is mutual understanding between both parties is a major key to a successful working relationship.

These verbal and non-verbal cues convey that a person is really listening to what we have to say.

While active listening is still considered to be a soft skill, it is an invaluable quality to look out for in any prospective hire. Particularly in the roles of house manager and caregiver, a person who can listen to the needs of their employer and co-workers with empathy and non-judgment is certainly better equipped to successfully manage the needs of others while avoiding unnecessary conflict. Choosing to practice on developing your skills in active listening can radically improve your working quality of life.

Luxe Staff values individuals who embody strong leadership abilities, advanced problem-solving skills, and healthy connections with others. Thinking about breaking into the world of elite domestic staff? Become an invaluable member of someone’s household by opening your heart…and your ears.  

Date : 2018-11-22
Author : Ebby Crowe