Three Tips To Help Your Resume Stand Out

Applying for work doesn't need to be time consuming! Below are three simple steps that can save you time on your resume and help you stand out amongst the competition.

Three Tips To Help Your Resume Stand Out

1. Alter Your Resume to Match the Job Description

It can be tempting to use a generic resume for a multitude of career opportunities. However, candidates who showcase skills and experiences that directly relate to the job description catch the eye of the recruiter. Matching your resume with the language used in the job description makes it easier for the person reviewing the resumes. If your past work experiences do not reflect the required skills outlined in the job brief, you will want to emphasize how your skill set is transferable to the position you are applying for. 

2. Highlight Your Accomplishments

Try not to simply reword previous job descriptions in an attempt to illustrate your work experiences. To stand out, highlight your accomplishments. For example, as a House Manager you were expected to keep inventory of household products? Talk about how you excelled at the task and were able to implement a system that went above and beyond what was expected.

3. Make Your Accomplishments Measurable  

Quantifying your accomplishments is a great way to highlight your skills. For example, as a House Manager, how many staff members did you manage and for how long? Did you have a favourable effect on turnover? How many meals did you prepare each week? What was the household budget you managed? As a Housekeeper, how many rooms and bathrooms did you clean on a regular basis? If you can measure your accomplishments, it will help the recruiter understand your abilities and may help you get an in-person interview with the hiring household.

Date : 2020-11-13