Three Things to Expect While Seeking Employment During the COVID-19 Era

The unknown can be unpleasant! COVID-19 has put a tremendous strain on our industry and looking for employment during this time has presented many challenges.

Three Things to Expect While Seeking Employment During the COVID-19 Era

The Luxe Staff Team have prepared a list of three things you can expect to encounter during your job search:


1. Things are uncertain

No kidding! Tell us something we don’t know. The uncertainty is frustrating for both candidates and clients looking to hire staff. Not knowing how long the pandemic will last or if further lockdowns are imminent make us all nervous. Some people are unsure if they should hold off on job hunting, hiring staff or accepting positions.  If you are healthy and comfortable working, we suggest applying for work and
embracing the unknown. You never know, you might just end up at your dream job.

2. Patience are vital

The hiring processes may take longer. Some clients may need more time to select a candidate as things progress and change with COVID-19. In the final stages of the hiring process, some clients may even request you to do a COVID test before meeting with them (not all but some might) and awaiting those results may slow the process down.

3. Temporary is okay  

With all the uncertainty, some clients may start with offering temporary work; however, once things stabilize it could potentially turn into a full-time, permanent, career opportunity. Or, offering your skills and services to multiple employers for temporary periods may be enough to get you through the uncertainty before finding a permanent position. Either way, temporary work is okay and a great way to expand your network.

Date : 2020-11-13